Kenny, Claire et al. (2005).  Interactive Multimedia-Enabled Learning and Training. ERCIM News. Can be retrieved from 

This article is about database learning.  It is a topic that I am unfamiliar with so that’s why I chose it.  Once again, the importance of theories undermines the system.  The authors use IDLE (an Interactive Database Learning Environment) to show benefits of multimodal interactive learning and training.  The program is Web-based and had been used in undergraduate teaching for more than five years.   

The main goal of any educational multimedia is to ensure the learner achieves the educational content targeted.  The authors, therefore, declare that any learning system must communicate content in an appropriate form and it must use different views and activities to teach content.  A figure is used in this article to depict this multimedia architecture.   

I like how the authors then proceed to explain how declarative and procedural knowledge and skills exist from the different views and perspectives from the delivery of the concepts.  Multimodality, I read once again, is “one of the central characteristics of comprehensive learning technology systems that enable a successful learning experience and support learning outcomes.”  In this paragraph, I was refreshed on some examples of associated multimedia modalities with learning activities.  For example, manipulation can be supported through a tactile from where virtual objects are manipulated.  This is taken into consideration when designing the computer interface.  The authors say, through an IEMM (Interactive Educational Multimedia) approach, “learning and training activities are mapped to human-computer interface and implemented through multimedia features.” 

I think it is important to recognize the features of such a design as the authors believe this type of development of multimedia and its authoring approach will help reduce the high development costs that go along with educational content development.  As teachers integrating technology, this is always a concern.  Authoring interactive multimedia is a new concept for me, and one that I will have to research to find out more if it could possibly be a design for me that I’d like to pursue. 

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