Multimedia Examples

November 2, 2007 

Today I took some time to review the Multimedia Examples Online from the course contents of unit 3 in our course.  I will discuss some of them briefly. 

The Theban Mapping Project           


An exciting site indeed.  I felt like I wanted to be a tourist there seeing the excavating thus far.  I imagined how students would feel being taken through the various sites and watching the historic videos as they navigate the web site.  It was very intriguing to listen, watch, and read about the information provided about the eras archeologists are learning so much about. 

What is Print? 

I think this a good informative site for teachers to learn about printmaking.  It is very explicit as the site actually demonstrates interactively each of the techniques: Woodcut, Etching, Lithography, and Screenprint.  I loved how detailed this section was.  Before each technique is illustrated, information is provided that you can read to find out the background of the technique.  The only questions I thought off, was how or where to get the materials required to carry this out in my classroom.  I could contact someone, for example, through the program, Learning Through the Arts, to find out more and how to simplify this with students.  Maybe the site could have provided a material resource link? 

  Kings Park Elementary 


Where to start?  This is the best school site Iíve found with so MANY resources.  There is everything a teacher can use, from student created tutorials to links to Simple Machine interactive quizzes.  I found so many resources that I can use in my classroom! Iíd like to learn how to have students create short videos like those on the site so that will be one activity Iím going to pursue.

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