Biology with Multimedia

Biology with multimedia.

Website #1
This site provides resources about the topics of cells. The site was created to encourage
the creation, exchange and distribution of multimedia documents about life sciences and
more specifically the cell.  This resource is funded by Ministère délégué à la Recherche et
aux Nouvelles Technologies. This site is colorful and informative. The criteria of the site is
laid out in a very simple format ( Reviews, Research, Technique, Visual) This site would
be a great resource to teachers and students, due to it’s high content and visual tours of
the body through the perspective of a virus.

Website #2
This site has been around since 1994 and averages four million viewers a year. It is
colorful and with an easy to follow interface. This site covers cell biology in a lot of detail.
It combines video and multimedia presentations to allow the user to participate in a
virtual tour of cell, microscopes and some aspects in microbiology.  The site  is full of
visually rich displays that would inspire students and allow them to discovery and make
connections on a variety of topics covered in cell biology. The purpose of this site is
clearly laid out, which is the topics of cells. Worksheets and virtual quizzes allow the
students to guide their research on this area and see if their assumptions are correct.

This is a great resource for video and multimedia for teachers in general. This site is a
follow up to the very popular “you tube” phenomenon, but it is geared solely at teachers.
There are a variety of videos that you can show your class on a variety of topics. Some
of the pieces of work are completed by students in other countries, which can create a
multicultural classroom experience.  I found this site to be helpful by providing support
and resources and even helping in create a project for students to complete (i.e. make a
video to be placed on teachertube).  The site works similar to most video search engines
by simply typing in the area of interest, without having to worry about other distracting
videos appearing in the search list. The only downside to this site is that some of the
videos are of a higher caliber and others are not.

Website #4
This site provided by StudySphere categorizes over 100,000 research-quality child-safe
websites and allows teachers to provide links to their students on numerous topics. This
link displays a list of virtual dissection that are investigated by students who are studying
biology. The virtual dissections can add to your curriculum, and can even support
students who may not want to participate in a live dissection. This resource allows
students to continue exploring anatomy of a variety of different animals. This site covers
an array of topics in education. It provides articles, links to multimedia websites, and
teacher resources. The categories are easy to follow and investigate, and the majority of
the site if colorful and very intuitive.  The purpose of this site is to provide further links
and resources to certain subject areas. There is some advertising on the site that can be
considered a little distracting; however, this link directs the user directly to a list of online

Website #5
This is a great resource for tackling the subject of cancer. It covers a variety of terms
and shows a lot of visual representation of how advances are being made to deal with the
different types of cancer. This site was created by the Dolan DNA Learning Center, Cold
Spring Harbor Laboratory. Red Orbit Red Hot Sites of the Day - Aug 27, 2007
Inside Cancer was chosen as a Red Orbit Red Hot Sites of the Day. is a
web site that is committed to displaying stimulating, original content and presentation,
with over 900,000 pages covering topics that vary from science, health, and technology.
The website was easy to navigate and was rich with text, audio and multimedia displays.
This would be great resource for teachers and students, especially on the topics of cells
and genetics.