Canadian History

A look at the People of Canada and their History

1. The Canadian Broadcasting Cooperation (CBC): The Greatest Canadian., program started as a contest for Canadian
people to vote for whom they felt was the greatest Canadian.  The
website has been created for people to view the top 100 Greatest
Canadian with short biographies containing highlights of their
achievements. Lesson plan ideas are available as well as downloads and a
permission page for frequently asked questions answers a lot of
questions teachers might have about how they can legally use the content
on the CBC site. The CBC has created its own handbook that stresses the
unbiased reporting of information as well as following journalistic
standards and practices.  These sites offers a chance for teachers and
students to explore the impact these Great Canadian, have had on the world.

2.Veterans Affairs Canada sponsors a Youth and Educators website
( ) that tells the stories of many
Canadians and their impact on the development of the country.  The site
offers a variety of resources for teacher, which can be order to your
school free of charge as well as reference lists, lesson plans and much
more.  The kidís zone is very well organized and engaging.  The records
and collections section has both primary and secondary resources. The
heroes remember section has recollections of individuals in the form of
narratives and interview responses.  The site is a production of the
Canadian government and follows a strict standard of conduct.

3.The First Peoples web
focuses on aboriginal heritage.  This website is a portal off the
Canadian Museum of Civilization Corporation website, which is a crown
corporation.  The site is monitored by a set of guiding principles that
were created in 2003 and the site is in cooperation with many museums to
ensure accuracy and encourages further study by offering research
fellowships. This website is full of useful information on culture, art,
history, and many other topics on Canadaís First Nations People.

4. A Guide to Women in Canadian History,, a site
produced by Merna M. Forster a Canadian historian is an excellent source
that shows the impact of Canadian women in history.  The site offers
classroom recourses, a gallery, biographies, archives and much more. The
site is keep up-to-date offering news on conferences, special events,
and celebrations of Women's History Month in Canada, new books as well
as any time a Canadian woman makes history.  The site review page is the
best recommendation for the website; this is where many educators,
including department heads of many universities and historians, have
posted their opinion about the site. The author controls the information
on the site and input is encourages links can be added and so on but
only after being approved. 

5. The final website that I consider to be a great resource is the
Historica website but more specifically the Black History Portal
( The site is a product of Seventh Floor
Media of Simon Fraser University and relies on donations as well as
corporate funding.  The web site offers information on enslavement,
cultural history, Human Rights, personal stories, as well as numerous
other topics on Black History in Canada.