Elementary Math

I have chosen fractions as my topic to meet the requirements for this assignment.  Most students develop a distaste for fractions at an early age but hopefully the use of interactive multimedia will change their attitudes by engaging them in the learning process. 


This site was developed in 1997 by a teacher who focuses on motivating students.  There are numerous mathematical concepts on the site, each with a background on the topic and interactive games to reinforce the content of the lesson.  Teachers can direct students to the site to supplement classroom teaching or for extra practice at home for kids who are having difficulty with the topic.  There are no downloads meaning the page can be loaded very quickly thus eliminating time consumption as a reason for not using this resource. 


This site was developed in 1999 by Utah State University to compile a library of uniquely interactive, web-based virtual manipulatives or concept tutorials, mostly in the form of Java applets, for mathematics instruction (K-12 emphasis).  Again, teachers only have to wait for Java applets to run so wasted time is not a concern.   


This site was developed by Cynthia Lanius and is hosted by Rice University Math department.  The site boasts a collection of interactive lessons on several mathematical concepts.  In addition, there are multiple choice questions at the end of each lesson to allow students to test their knowledge on the lesson content. 


This site breaks the concept of fractions down to each topic such as adding and subtracting with like and different denominators.  Students can learn or practice the content material.  One aspect of this site that appealed to me is that students can see how many questions they can answer correctly in 60 seconds.   


This site has several virtual manipulatives for fractions.  Again, the Java applet is used so download time is minimal.  It can be used to supplement their classroom work and allow them to check their calculations.