French Culture


For my Website analysis, I have chosen five sites that deal with French instruction through the French culture.  These Web resources are as follows:

1. Musique: Multimedia for the French Class.
This is a simple, but functional Spanish-made site.  The site’s language is predominantly French.  It is made up of a collection of French music videos with the songs lyrics organized in various music categories. 

2. Apprendre le français avec l’inspecteure Roger Duflair:  A method to learn and study French online.
This site, similar to the ‘Internet Detective’ within our notes, is a site in which the learner solves a mystery and learn French at the same time.  The site presents a "crime" with a set of language exercises to be completed in order to find the culprit.

3. Talk French: A lively video introduction to French.
This video-based website is designed to accommodate French learners at an introductory level.  The video clips bring the language to life by showing French speakers in their local environment.  It is organized in nine sections: greetings; introductions; where you're from; talking about family; where you live and work; eating and drinking; asking for directions; shopping; what you like doing.  Each section contains two or more video clips, one interactive word game and a printable worksheet.

4. Welcome to Français Interactif!
A very detailed online lesson with sounds, images and videos.  All the explanations are in English.  It contains 13 chapters, all beginning with an introductory video, followed by vocabulary, grammar, exercises, interviews, surveys, readings and writing activities.  The site explores the French language and culture by following the lives of real students from the University of Texas who have participated in the university’s summer program in Lyon, France.  In addition to following the daily lives of these students, interviews of native French speakers, as well as scenes of day-to-day interactions in France are included.

5. Bienvenue sur le site de grammaire visuelle. Décrivons des scènes vidéos avec deux temps du passé: le passé composé et l'imparfait. (Learning to use the past and the imperfect tenses to describe actions within French videos.)
The purpose of this website is to practice past narration in French using the ‘passé composé’ and the ‘imparfait’.