French Revolution


The French Revolution site is created by The History Channel and is located
It includes an interactive timeline of pre-Revolution and Revolution events
covering 1770-1796. It also contains a variety of interactive games,
including one called "The Guillotine" where students have to save a
character of their choosing (either Marie Antoinette or Louis XVI) form the
blade of the guillotine by providing correct answers to questions posed.

The Napoleon multimedia site is the product of PBS and is located at In addition to
providing four sections that detail Napoleon's life, it also offers a special
features section for users. This multimedia section contains video clips taken
from the PBS documentary Napoleon and offers students the chance to test
their military strategy against French forces at the Battle of Waterloo using
an interactive battlefield simulator which can be easily downloaded.

Both of these sites have proven to be great educational resources in my
history classrooms. Students find them easy to navigate and enjoy the
variety of interaction included within them. For the visual learners, there is
great benefit in the videos, timelines, and games found within both.