Global Geography 12

 Below I have compiled a list of my “Top Five” Internet websites related to the
mapping unit for my Global Geography 12 course.

Website # 1

This is an excellent website with many positive features. The home page
is clear and concise and includes links to other subject areas and other
aspects of geography including information on the individual countries.
Each map has three main parts: capitals, countries, and landscape. It
also includes beginner tutorials to allow students to become familiar
with the particular map then it advances as many as 6 levels to meet
varying student abilities. The best feature for me is that it allows for
immediate student feedback in various ways. In the tutorial and the quiz
sections it has verbal and written cues that tell the student they are
right or wrong. In the game stages that allow for testing it will flash
the correct location after two failed attempts.  Finally it will allow
the student to complete a map and give them a score sheet that records
their score [i.e. 30/32 with a %] and records which ones were incorrect.

Website # 2

This website offers basic mapping practice structures for numerous
countries and regions around the world. It is a resource that can be
used as general practice for learning the location of countries and
regions and can help practice matching capital cities with the
countries. The homepage offers a visual breakdown of links leading you
to various interactive map game sites that focus on specific continents,
areas, or regions of the world. It has links to other aspects in the
educational field such as a map store, custom maps, driving directions,
and classroom products, is a leading provider of mapping
products and solutions to business, education and consumer markets. It
was founded in 1991 as Magellan Geographix. It also has an online
education program [Maps 101] that was developed in 1998 with
subscription services for k-12 schools. I think this is a professional
site that is a good  resource for history, social studies, and geography
curriculum materials.

Website # 3

This website is developed by one of the leading educational resource
companies in the world, National Geographic. It is an interactive
mapping game that is aimed at younger kids and uses more bells an
whistles to catch the younger audiences attention. It is simple to use
and adds a role play aspect as the students pretend they are a spy
searching for places. It seems a little slower than the other sites but
it does offer a new twist with more graphics and sound than the others.
I certainly think it would be appropriate for younger grades [upper
elementary and Jr. High].

Website # 4

The enchanted Learning site is an educational website that was brought
into our school through the board and our learning centre coordinator.
It is an excellent site that is multifaceted. It can be used for just
about any subject and has varying levels. It is most commonly used
within our school to find resources for struggling students. For the
mapping unit I do it is appropriate for the students who are struggling
with the traditional format.

Website # 5

This website is a game called Geonet and is designed by Houghton Mifflin
which is one of the leading educational publishers in the United States.
They publish textbooks, instructional technology, assessments, and other
educational materials for teachers and students. The Company also
publishes an extensive line of reference works and award-winning fiction
and nonfiction for adults and young readers.