Global Warming

From Barbara:

National Geographic put its abundance of resources to use when it compiled thirteen
videos on the effects of global warming.   This website is a complete multimedia
compendium of information devoted to global warming.  Finally it contains pages for both
photos and tests which would be useful to any classroom teacher.

This site is the work of Dr David Suzuki, as well as others with the goal of “achieving
sustainability within a generation, the Foundation collaborates with scientists, business
and industry, academia, government and non-governmental organizations.”  Dr. Suzuki
has been known to a generation of Canadians and has single handedly led the way in
environmental stewardship.  The site contains numerous pages, links, and publications
dedicated to the issue of global warming.

The site maintained by the World Wildlife Fund focuses on the issues surrounding global
warming.  The WWF is an internationally recognized non governmental organization
dedicated to the issues surrounding the earth and its wildlife.  This global warming site
emphasizes the area of the Mackenzie Valley, as well as polar icecaps while making use
of researchers’  blogs about the issue.   The site also utilizes a global perspective and
invites readers to become a climate witness.

The Government of Canada’s, Department of the Environment website dedicated to
global warming is an excellent resource complete with research, statistics, as well as
multimedia.  The site highlights areas of concern including the St. Lawrence Seaway, New
Brunswick sea levels, as well as focusing on the science of climate change.  Finally, the
site offers further investigation as it provides many articles and publications on global
warming and climate change.

The last site I have chosen is Al Gore’s   While some may suggest
that former Vice President Al Gore presents an alarmist point of view in his
documentary “An Inconvenient Truth” it can be argued that there is in fact hard science
behind both his arguments and his conclusions.  This site is a must for all global
geography classrooms.  It includes multimedia presentations from the film, blogs of
recent news, pages of how students can make changes, and numerous downloads.

From Dave:

The NY Times.

From the Canadian viewpoint I often use CBC's resource page on global warming
complete with interactive graphics and video clips. It is located at

I try to introduce both sides of a story to my students so they can get an appreciation for
the viewpoints of others. With respect to the global warming issue, we often look at
suuch sites as for alternative views.

Finally, I recently watched "The Denial Machine" , a cbc fifth estate online video that
deals with global warming from a different angle. It is available online at