Global Warming

For this assignment I chose to look up sites that might be used to supplement my group assignment, which is focussed on Global Warming and linked to the Nova Scotia Global Geography 12 curriculum.  

The sites I chose are all information sites that could be used as research zones for the students participating in our Web Quest. These are not sites that are “academic” in nature, and will be evaluated based on their validity, integrity, and value as a research resource for students, considering learning theory and application of multimedia. 

Site #5 

National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration: Global Warming Frequently Asked Questions 

This site provides a quick reference resource for a variety of questions that will lead a new researcher to answers to questions that will help build an elemental understanding of the topic.  

The site is produced and published by the US Department of Commerce, and so can be assumed that the sources and information are well-researched and valid. The Department will be accountable to abiding to copyright and plagiarism laws, and is held, presumably, to a standard of providing valid, up-to-date and valuable information. 

The site does not address the issue of learning theory and multimedia very well. Although the links from the site are all to valuable and credible links, nearly the entire site and links are text-based. Based on the quick-reference to valuable and credible information, this site makes #5 on my Top 5 

Site #4 

U.S. EPA Climate Change 

This site is either directly or indirectly the resource for everything tat is climate change. It is a Government-produced, funded, and researched site, so will be a reputable source for information and data (though potentially biased, so students should be cautioned of propagandistic materials).  

The site is very “academic” in nature and may not be accessible to all learners. It is also overwhelming in some instances, with a fair amount of prior knowledge necessary in order to navigate the site to find the information needed. It is also quite text-based, which may be difficult for some learners to access. 

Because of it is valuable as a reputable resource but may be overwhelming and potentially boring, it is #4 of my Top 5. 

Site #3 

EPA Climate Change Kids’ Site 

“Kids’ Site” is another valuable reference area. It provides clear and credible information to discover the elemental issues surrounding climate change and global warming. 

As a product of the EPA, this site, once again, should be bound to the highest of standards concerning referencing and credibility. Contributors to the site will have researched on behalf of the US Government as part of the most active and influential research in the country. 

This site has an interactive element which begins to address multimedia elements. Flash animations and games, including quizzes and crosswords, provide a valuable resource for teachers, as some elements of constructivism and multiple intelligence theory is addressed.  

This site is fairly rich in resources and multimedia, but its interface is a bit elementary, which may not appeal to all high school students. For this reason it is #3 of my Top 5. 

Site #2 

An Inconvenient Truth 

Based on the documentary, this site provides easy to follow lessons that are intended for teachers, but can easily allow students to self-instruct through the units. The “teachers” lessons are designed with learning theories in mind, with activities that require students to internalise the information. Constructivism and cognitivism are well-addressed in the lesson designs in the site. As well, there are many multimedia components to the site, with such things as movie clips, links to all sorts of media files, and invitation for students to post their thoughts, links, and BLOGS.  

The information presented in the site is formulated to inspire change in people, and therefore the issue of propaganda should be addressed in this site as well as the EPA site. Much of the information in this site is shared from the EPA organisation.  

The site is very attractive in design and imaged and media is in relatively high definition. It is very easy to navigate and applies principles of learning theory and multimedia instruction. It is interactive and interesting, as well as high profile, so must maintain a reasonable degree of academic integrity. This site is a very close #2 on my Top 5. 

Site #1 

Live Science – All About Global Warming 

Live Science has prepared a very user-friendly site that moves from the most elemental aspects of global warming up to high-end science that allows for exploration by people of all academic levels. The site has interactive and multimedia components and is littered with links to other sites and pages where text, movies, sound clips and other media are found.  

The Live Science site is well-organised and refers to a variety of reputable sources. Media is all licensed and cited, and information is current. The information is as succinct or as broad as you want to explore. The site also covers a broad range of related topics with very visual and interactive interfaces.  

The Live Science site is very engaging and interesting. Links are graphic and visual, language is accessible, and the site is very interactive. Live Science “All About Global Warming” was the best site I found to explore the topic of Global Warming.