Health, French, & Social Studies

The following sites relate to Health/PDR, Social Studies, and French. 

The first site that I chose to discuss deals with Health and PDR.  I have taught PDR in Grade 9 for a number of years now and I always found myself searching endlessly for good sites.  The site that I encountered recently,, has a variety of activities, readings etc. for teens, parents and teachers.  There are a variety of lessons for teachers and ready made powerpoint presentations.  Some of the presentations also allow for editing if you wish.  I could say so much about this site but I think it really is one that is worth browsing for yourself…whether you teach Health or not.  (PS:  Try the interactive Quiz yourself and browse the site.  I learned that I didn’t know it all.:-)  This site is very relevant and up to date.  The topic of sex ed in the school system has been controversial at times, especially here in Nova Scotia when Public Health distributed the “sex handbooks”.  Nevertheless, it is part of our curriculum and needs to be addressed in one fashion or another. 

This site is dedicated to learning French from a beginner level.  There are a variety of relevant topics such as greetings, numbers, months, whether, restaurants, transportations, finding your way and even love and romance in case you find yourself in Paris.  The site is interactive in that it allows for English-French conversion and has an audio component that you can play to hear the proper pronunciations.  This site would work as an introductory lesson, for example, in a core French classroom.

I did this initial quest in attempts to find a site dedicated to Martin Luther King Junior for Social Studies.  This site has too many links to mention.  In the multimedia section there are actual videos that students can view.   The ones of interest to me for my teaching in particular were those of his speeches.  The students hear me explain the speeches and tell about King’s life and death but the actual videos, audio and supplementary activities that this site has to offer enhance their feelings of King’s life mission. 

This site is also meant to be an introductory French lesson but this one differs from my previous example in that it allows us to choose a level:  Getting By: Quick Fix,  Beginner, Post-Beginner,  and Intermediate.  This site is interactive and numerous relevant themes are introduced.  Also a variety of learning opportunities are presented including crosswords, games, quizzes. 

I must say that I had a difficult time finding appropriate multimedia sites for French.  Most of those that I encountered required a subscription.  This site does require a subscription but it allows you to view some songs, etc. before asking for the user name.  It also has an audio component.