Interactive Science

I discovered this site created by PBS which has a number of interactive tools that allow students to engage in multiple learning styles in the quest for the completion of individual or group activities.

What I appreciated the most was that these activities represent a challenge to common scientific hypotheses and therefore,I think, would encouraged class discussions.
I believe that these learning environments are designed with the notion that the role of technology within them acts as Mindtools, therefore fostering constructivism methodologies within teaching. The users of these Web sites are acting as designers of their knowledge just as Jonassen, Carr & Yueh (1998) confirm “… [The] learners function as designers, and the computers function as Mindtools for interpreting and organizing their personal knowledge” (p. 24).

Since the above site is rather large, below are the specific links to my favorite multimedia activities:

Construct an Aqueduct (Java or Shockwave version)

Build a Bridge

Build a Family Tree (Male Side only)

Play a Virtual Market


Jonassen, D. H., Carr, C., & Yueh, H. (1998). Computers as Mindtools for Engaging Learners in Critical Thinking. TechTrends, 43(2), 24-32.