Youth Justice

 Grade 12 Law:  I have decided to research the Young Offenders Act/Youth Criminal Justice Act as hopefully something I can use in my own class.

1. The Library of Parliament Young Offenders Act

An obvious first choice.  This is a great link for students because it is a very reliable source: The Library of Parliament of Canada.  It gives an overview of the Act as well as some of the history of how the Act came to be.  This site was prepared by Philip Rosen, Senior Analyst with the Parliamentary Research Branch (PRB) of the Library of Parliament and was last revised in January of 2000.

2. Ottawa replaces Young Offenders Act CBC News

The news article, written November 10, 2000, discusses the changes to the Young Offenders Act.  It provides students with some hard facts about the changes to the Act as well as some provincial reaction.  I like this article because it quotes  Peter MacKay (who's last name, incedently, is spelled wrong in the article), who happens to be the MP for our region, so it helps students connect a little more with the topic.


This article was written in February of 2001 and is the press release of Anne McLellan, Minister of Justice at the time, introducing the Youth Criminal Justice Act to the house of common.  It can be found on the Department of Justice website.  This article, of course, focuses on the positive points of the Act.  It is important for students to see the government's stance these changes.  I would encourage students to research the responses to this speech by other members of Parliament, especially from members of the Opposition party.

4. Stats Canada Crime and Justice site;SP_Action=Theme&SP_ID=2693

This is very good site for students to research hard data on crime, in particular, youth crime.  Students could compare stats on youth crime before and after the changes to the act.  This site is updated daily and contains several links to various articles, data and external links.  Parts of this site have been specifically designed for student use, so this makes this an excellent resource.

 5. RCMP Youth Criminal Justice Act

An interesting site from the RCMP.  Although it contains much of the same material as the other sites (which is not a bad thing), it also contains a link to some of the issues the RCMP have to consider in this act.  Primarily designed for an RCMP audience, it is still an excellent resource and allows students to research the act from the law enforcement point
of view.