Math Jeopardy

Decimal and Whole Number Jeopardy
Quia Web

This particular link is excellent for elementary but the Quia site targets a variety of
school-aged students.

Students love to challenge each other in a friendly game of math jeopardy.  Students
type their names and get ready!  The site keeps track of turns and of scores for players. 
From number patterns to comparing and organizing decimals, students have the
opportunity to practice their mathematical skills.  The game is also available for one
player.  This is just one of the many games that are available.  Choose from a list of
subject areas to narrow your search.

The Quia site itself is organized into a Teacher Zone, Student Zone where you need login
accounts, and a Shared Activities page where anyone can use resources and do searches
to find activities for ones area of interest.  Descriptions are provided.  Students can also
get hints when solving problems.  Another example is the French site.  It is good for
learning numbers, colors, vocabulary, and tenses.