Multimedia Instruction

Research Topic: Using Multimedia for Instruction in High Schools

"Top Five" list of Internet resources:

#1 Interactive Multimedia Electronic Journal of Computer-Enhanced Learning is the URL for the Interactive Multimedia
Electronic Journal of Computer-Enhanced Learning . This site had its
beginnings in 1999 and closed its doors to new submissions in 2006
interestingly enough because they “felt” that CBI has become standard
practice and “we've found it increasingly difficult to attract articles
with novel approaches or rigorous assessment of these approaches”
The website was very appealing for many reasons: a) due to its
educational source (note the URL extensions b)its extensive
list of professional reviewers c) It also has a search engine which
allowed me to search for articles related to multimedia and ranked them
with a 5 star rubric and included an abstract for each. For example: I
typed “multimedia” into the search box and the third article on the list
was titled “A Learner-Centered Approach to Multimedia Explanations:
Deriving Instructional Design Principles from Cognitive Theory” d) it
was easy to ascertain the dates of the articles and the credentials of
the authors e) the articles I found onsite were closely related to my
research topic
The biggest limitation of this site is that it no longer posts articles
so I predict it wont be around much longer. If I were to cite this web
page in a paper it may not exist when the audience looks for it.

#2  AACE  The Association for the Advancement of Computing in Education
“The Association (founded in 1981) is an international, educational and
professional not-for profit organization dedicated to the advancement of
the knowledge, theory, and quality of learning and teaching at all
levels with information technology.”
This site has links to various educational journals all dealing with
technology in education. I visited a couple and was able to read the
abstracts; however, you need to purchase a subscription to go any deeper
($95). The subscription was the only drawback.

#3 Journal of Online Learning and Teaching

This was appealing since it contained a wealth of knowledge pertaining
to multimedia and learning theory. It’s peer review panel is from all
over the world. I will definitely use this site for my own use as there
is no subscription required and the articles can easily be downloaded as
pdf files.

#4 Interactive Educational Multimedia
Another educational site which links back to the University of
Barcelona. The articles submitted must adhere to guidelines and are
reviewed by an editorial board. The articles are all specific to my
topic “The articles must be about subjects related to educational
multimedia, hypermedia, learning, design, didactics, teaching and
evaluation of the new technologies when applied in education” The site
takes you to the current issue (it’s published bi-annually) and there
are links to previous issues back to the year 2000. The biggest
limitation I see is that you must download the Pdfs before you can see
the credentials of the authors.

#5 E-Learning Reviews
The link above takes you directly to the Multimedia section of the
review list.
The reviewers are from all over the world. The .org extension indicates
it is a non-profit organization.  Publisher: SCIL – Swiss Centre for
Innovations in Learning. Although there are only a few articles
pertaining to my topic I would periodically check this site or perhaps
subscribe to the newsletter.

Summary: All 5 sites made it to my list because they are reputable,
current, international, non-profit or educational sites that provided
information on learning theory and multimedia design.

By Michel:

IA ‘Goldmine’ of multimedia projects! which is a repository of multimedia educational resources for learning and
online teaching has a repertoire of over 17761 quality multimedia projects.  The beauty
about all of these, besides being organized by subject matter, is that they have all been
evaluated by multimedia specialists.  So what you are seeing is quality! 
Actually, every year Merlot awards prizes for the world’s best multimedia projects.  This
could become an interesting winter project for one of us!? ;)

Here is a direct link to all the multimedia projects;