Multimedia in the Classroom

Using multimedia in the classroom, it is not strange technology that we used in the
classroom. We use text, audio, graphics, animation, video, and interactivity to inform or
entertain the students. Also we provide this method to present the information we
collected. This is an effective approach to attract students’ eyeball and more attractive
way to the students that can getting more information from class.

First resource:

Multimedia in the classroom - benefits to teachers and students - includes related articles
Maggie Hill and Joan Novelli explain the benefits to teachers and students from using
multimedia in the classroom. This article states the old concept and misunderstanding
about using multimedia in the classroom, also they corrected the old idea and present
that students can navigate and explore information for themselves with a rich,
multisensory environment by using multimedia.

Second resource:

The use of multimedia in the classroom
The authors are Richard F. Bellaver and Mary B. Wise from Ball state university. They
present an idea that “Our experience seems to show that visuals provide stimulus and
students enjoy reacting to the screen. “They present the impact to preparation, impact to
the presentation, additional benefits, and challenges to using technology.

Third resource:

Using Multimedia and Authoring Software for Classroom Curriculum Activities
This article is written by Isobel Ebner in August 2002. She states that the multimedia
method for gathering and communicating information is an excellent tool for educators
because it can accommodate all learning styles. Authoring and multimedia programs let
the teacher easily prepare individualized lesson plans ahead of time. If necessary,
information can be imported and placed in folders: photographs; clipart; backgrounds;
text; sound; etc. She introduces some multimedia software like Mp Express, Kids Media
Magic, Hyperstudio, Storybook Weaver, Opening Night, and PowerPoint. Multimedia
software is becoming more 'user friendly', so all educators should again look at it with a
view to using it as a teaching tool.

Fourth resource:

Using multimedia in classroom presentations: Best Principles
This article is written by Thomas E. Ludwig, David B. Daniel, Rick Froman, and Virginia A.
Mathie in December 2004. They overviews the classroom Media use, history of media
use, rationale for multimedia use, and instructional techniques for appropriation
multimedia use.

Fifth resource:

Using multimedia in the EFL classroom
Here is an example for the using multimedia in the EFL classroom. This article focuses on
the EFL classroom in Oxford University. And it explained really clear ideas about why use
multimedia, why use Oxford ELT multimedia, how to use multimedia in language courses,
and tips on integrating multimedia.