This website has tutorials on all kinds of different software, not  just
photoshop. I found some good ones on Flash and Illustrator also. The
site is well organized so you can easily find tutorials in whatever area
interest you. I tried out one of the Photoshop tutorials and it was easy
to follow. Appropriate for high school. It also had forums where you
could put in your own comments and feedback. This is definitely a
legitimate site and one I will use in the future.
This site provides neat little tips and tricks for Photoshop. I found
out how to create a “lightsabre“ in photoshop. A student asked me that
just last week for a photo he was retouching of himself. The site allows
readers to post comments and questions. After reading some of the posts
I found it to be a very friendly and open forum for learning. This site
was first established in 1994 to provide an online web site for DT&G
magazine. The site welcomes articles, comments and contributions. This
is a Spam-Free web site.
Just as the name suggests, this site provides online support for
photoshop users. Photoshop has no direct association with Adobe
Systems, Inc. other than to support Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Photoshop
Elements.  Photoshop 911 is a member of: The Association of Apple
Computer Users & Groups, and is sponsored in part by: The News Serve
Network, and the Designers' Bookshelf. There are no ads on this site. I
could really see it being of use if you needed technical support with
This site has numerous articles about Photoshop that when opened up,
read very similar to tutorials. The articles have lots of screen shots
make them ideal for student use.  The site is run by a company called
Elated. ELATED has two founding members, Matt Doyle and Simon Meek. They
started the site in 1997 and it appears to be updated regularly. They
have small ads selling some of their other services and products but all
of the photoshop articles are free. Another legitimate source.
This site is awesome. It provides a Photoshop Basics Online Course. The
course is laid out in a number of lessons. Each lesson provides
instruction, review, quizzes and assignments. The lessons are intended
to be worked through in the order presented, and at the students own
pace. Founded in 1996, was acquired in March 2005 by The New
York Times Company. This is a reputable site.