Top 5 Podcasts Websites

For those who donít know, podcasting is delivering audio and video content to iPods and other media players. One of the main benefits of podcasts is that they can be viewed and listened to at the usersí convenience.

This company website allows users add their own podcasts as well as see other usersí
podcasts as well. The information on this site is accurate as the content comes from
makers of podcasts from around the world. There is one small column on the right hand
side of the website for advertising which doesnít hinder the overall navigation of the site.
The purpose of this site is to educate the podcast community as well as to share their
own podcasts.

The Apple iTunes site is anther wealth of knowledge for podcasting. This company
website is very reputable with very accurate information since they market one of the
leading media devices on which to watch podcasts, the iPod! They have links to making a
podcast, watching podcasts as well as tutorials for creating podcasts using a variety of
media software (i.e. QuickTime, RealPlayer, etc.) on different operating systems.
Obviously one of the main purposes of this site is to use iTunes as a media source to
view the podcast as you donít necessarily need a portable device to view them. One big
draw of using iTunes as a podcasting site is that users are able to purchase as well as
download free episodes of popular TV shows, like Desperate Housewives and Survivor.

For people who travel a lot and are always on the go, here is a great site to download the
latest news from around the world. View the latest news that is updated hourly, as well as
watch shows like Anderson Cooper 360 and Larry King. The purpose of this site is
obviously to have CNN be your #1 news source and by having podcasts as another
available option, they are doing a good job at targeting this upcoming podcast generation
of viewers.

The Academic Media Production Services, which is a division of MIT, assists users to
podcast lectures, help with distance education around the world, and help convert media
for archiving and wide spread distribution over the internet. MIT is one of the most
reputable schools in the world and has a cast of 15 employees who can assist with media
needs. There is no advertising on this site, but it is not clear when the site was last

Sports fans are also able to stay in touch with the latest news. This is another reputable
site that allows users to see other podcasts and get information. This site allows users to
learn by way of audio and video and not just text. The purpose of this site is for
information, but from an educational point of view it is also a statistics website where you
can get all kinds of statistics on your favorite players or teams.  This site is updated
every five minutes, and allows a user to watch the highlights of a 3-hour game in less
than a minute. There is advertising on the site, but it is targeted and specific to the
subject matter (i.e. mobile sports updates on a PDA).