Top 5 Websites for Teaching Middle Level Science


Author or Source The site is maintained by National Contact information is provided to the website editor.

Accuracy The site is comprehensive and includes up-to date information that coincides with what is taught from the Science Power text and the NB curriculum.  

Currency Although the copyright states 1996-2007, there is no indication of a recent update.  Information on disasters such as Katrina or the Tsunami in Indonesia are not mentioned, however, upon competing a search of the rest of the site, we find what we need.  

Objectivity There is advertising for National Geographic, but it is tasteful and not distracting.

Coverage This site covers 4 major forces of nature.  The two focused upon in Grade 7 Science are volcanoes and earthquakes.  The coverage echoes what is taught in the curriculum nicely, including video and simulation.  Additional information such as history, images and cases studies (also mentioned in the school’s text) are included.

Purpose This website clearly focuses on informing the public of the history, formation and damage caused by various “forces of nature”.  The information is suitable middle and high school. 


Author or Source The site is authored the University of Delaware.  There is no contact information on the microscope page, but the url allows an easy trace to university contatcts.

Here is a page that offers further information:

Accuracy This site echoes what the students are learning with the Science Power text and is consistent with the microscopes we use in the lab.

Currency There is no date specified, but this information is fairly classic and stands the test of time. 

Objectivity Information is provided in an objective manner. There are no advertisements on the site.

Coverage The site provides a conclusive overview of the parts and workings of a microscope. It provides students with a great tutorial and video to aid in use. 

Purpose The purpose of this site is to educate middle and high school students of the working of a microscope.  In today’s age of budget cuts, it is quite difficult to provide access for all students to such equipment.  This site can be used by individuals, or as a presentation by the teacher.


Author or Source The Brain Pop company is the author for this site.  Contact information is provided. 

Accuracy All information I have viewed, to date has been accurate.  The videos and activities included in this site tend to deal with basic concepts and information. 

Currency Only a copyright date appears on the main page.  No other dates are provided.  

Objectivity This site contains no external advertising.  It does not appear to have any bias, but the information does have a greater correlation to the American curriculum.  

Coverage This site covers such a broad range of topics, even with only the free trial, there is so much to see and do.  I am looking forward to the broadening of the content to include French.  

Purpose The purpose of this site is to provide students, educators and parents with resources to help students learn.  


Author or Source The site is copyrighted by National Department of Resources . Contacts are listed.

Accuracy I particularly took note of the section on volcanoes.  The information provided seemed to correlate with the Science Power text.   

Currency This site is updated weekly.   

Objectivity The site does not contain advertising and seems objective in its presentation of information.

Coverage The site has comprehensive coverage of the topic with extra interesting information thrown in for interest.  

Purpose The purpose of the site is to provide information to young people about the earth and its resources through a valid government funded site.  


Author or Source Montreal’s Biodome.  High speed required. 

Accuracy The information appears accurate. Contact information is provided and it is easy to find your way back to the main page for further contact information.

Currency The copyright information indicates 2005 for the virtual tour.  The main page for the Biodome is updated weekly. 

Objectivity No outside advertisements are present on this site.

Coverage This site covers information about the various ecosystems existing within the Biodome.   Great for having students identify various adaptations.  Available in English and French!

Purpose The site is designed to allow students from other locations to experience the wonders of the Biodome without leaving the classroom.  Many students will never see Montreal or have any idea about the varied environment that exists in our country.  This site possesses a great deal of valuable and interesting information.