Science (Weather)

While teaching the weather unit in my science 10 course last year I was directed to the
Nova site by a fellow teacher.  This site is a compendium of information and has a
number of wonderful pages dedicated to weather, extreme storms and other natural
phenomena.  The series of pages I would like to share are those dedicated to el Niño.

The el Niño pages within the Nova site contain a wealth of information on this puzzling
occurrence.  The site is broken up into useful sections titled: Anatomy of El Niño's. 
Tracking El Niño, El Niño's Reach .Each of these parts is further broken down into various
sections.  Throughout the site there are colored diagrams, graphs, maps, photos and
satellite imagery.  As well the site contains interactive maps, downloadable videos and a
wealth of informational text.

The site also contains a number of links to various weather related resources.  Finally the
site even comes complete with a teacher’s guide, located at:

One benefit of this site was the wealth of visual imagery.  The students were able to see
on interactive maps, weather, ocean currents as well and the changing temperature of
the ocean.  One difficulty I found with the site is that while it can be used on its own, it
does refer back to the original PBS NOVA broadcast.