This collection of websites will prove useful for the teaching of Shakespeare, specifically Midsummer’s Night Dream and Julius Caesar.

A Shakespeare Timeline by Terry Gray (1998) from contains a historical timeline for William Shakespeare would be useful in the preparation for reading any Shakespearean work.

Mr. Lettiere’s English on the Web (2007) from consists of a compilation of resources and materials for students at Mr. Lettiere’s school. This particular link deals with Julius Caesar. Mr. Lettiere has demonstrated considerable effort in putting together reviews, quizzes, background information as well as Act by Act reading and study guides.

Sparknotes has a site that is well known by many English teachers, both junior high and high school. The site has easy to use navigation tools that take the user to a comprehensive study guide which includes overviews, questions, quizzes, etc. An enhanced component of this website is the availability of a discussion board where students and teachers can post questions. For my Level 1 students we will be studying A Midsummer Night’s Dream, information on this play can be located at

Teacher’s Guides (1995-2007) by James R. Cope through Penguin Classics has assembled a comprehensive guide for teaching Julius Caesar at,,83574_1_10,00.html Though less interactive than some of the other websites I have reviewed, it does contain valuable information that has been well researched

Teacher’s Guide and Student Activities (1997) written by Joel Sommer Littauer contains materials complete with lesson plans and activities for studying Julius Caesar. It is available at