Teacher/Student Led

Time Frame Materials
1. Begin with an introduction to the unit with a discussion with the class about how we generally tell people about ourselves.


2. The teacher can then get more specific and discuss autobiographies.  Perhaps even show and/or read from prescribed literature.  Teacher 20min. Autobiographies (See References for examples of literature)
3. Teacher can show his/her autobiography that s/he has prepared in advance in Photo Story for Windows. Teacher 20min. Projector, computer, speakers, see References for link to download, autobiography prepared ( see sample on References)
4. K-W-L chart: Teacher can first brainstorm with students a list of what they already Know about themselves, and what they Want to find out about themselves. Teacher/Student 20min. Chart Paper


5. Teacher can use list from step 4 to generate an organizational map putting ideas first into broad categories, and expanding on them using Kidspiration software.  Teacher models only. Teacher 20min. Computer, projector, Kidspiration software (see Materials list in References)
6. Students can now plan their autobiography using Kidspiration.  Student 40min. (See References of a student generated plan)
7. Students research what they need to find out in their list from Step 4. Student Homework assignment Student K-W-L chart
8. Students modify map in Kidspiration if needed when research is complete. Student 10min. Kidspiration
9. Students collect materials for presentation, i.e., take digital photos, scan images, download video clips/music, etc. Student/Teacher assisted 60-120 min.    (2 classes) Scanner, computers, music, etc.
10. Teacher models using program, Photo Story.  Students begin autobiography/finish downloading images. Teacher/Student 60-120 min.   (2 classes) Scanner, computers for class, digital cameras, microphones, etc.
11. Invitations (if applicable) Student 30 min. Appropriate software (e.g., Corel WordPerfect, Printmaster)
12. Autobiography Presentations (Family Incl.) Student 60 min. Windows Media Player

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Student Sample:

Autobiography Organizational Map

This map outlines the basic categories that students may want to talk about in their autobiography. 

They should also include specific examples to the illustration above to show their decisions.  For example,

if a student wants to talk about their 5th birthday party in particular, that need to add it to the "birthday" bubble.

Home Curricular Outcomes Lesson Plan Tasks Assessment References

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